Environmental Family Portraits FAQs

For our Environmental Family Portraits, those who are interested in only a few gift Portraits spend 600-1,400.  Those interested in a wall Portrait and gift Portraits spend around 1,700 or more.  Clients who want a museum canvas wall Portrait, a book, artisan panel or masterpiece painting spend in excess of 2,997.
There are many factors taken into consideration when choosing what color is best, there are a lot of variables including the location, the season, the people and what style and feel you ultimately decide on.  During the Portrait Design session we use a system that will find the color that suits your family best so please don’t worry, you’ll be looking great!
Again, there are multiple variables to this question, though the first decision would be whether you prefer a casual, semi-casual, or formal portrait of your family. You know your personalities best so let’s choose one that will bring out all of your character!
Depending on the number of family members and how many subgroups are photographed (brother-sister, parents alone, grandchildren with grandparents and etc.) will all affect the time, but generally an Environmental Family Portrait session lasts about an hour.
Within two weeks of your Environmental Family Portrait session you will see your images in a personalized projection for your family, you sit back and pick out your favorites!!
This is an extremely important question, as you do not want the Portrait to feel out of place in the area you’ve decided to hang your investment. Great news!! Simply click here and follow the instructions and we will take care of everything!

Magazine Chic Photo Shoot FAQs

This brand new line is simply amazing!  Enjoy a hair and makeup session from one of our artists and immerse yourself in the experience that is Magazine Chic!!  A fun, artistic environment along with images worthy of a magazine cover is exactly what you’ll be a part of to never forget this photo shoot!

This session can be done with a friend and we highly suggest afterwards going for a night out because you’ll look amazing!

Folio Boxes start at 997 for 5-11×14 matted images and range up to 2,797 for 25-11×14 matted images, an amazing deal but for a limited time!

We prefer that you bring 5-6 outfits that include separates so we are able to mix and match the look.  The more styles and coordinating colors the more creative we can be!

To give a truly Magazine Chic look, we prefer lighter colors that are very “airy” and solid with nothing too complicated in the design, although formal dark colors work as well.

From the Hair and Makeup session to the last image being captured a typical Magazine Chic photo shoot lasts about 3 hours, depending on the number of women and the outfits.

Absolutely!!  Accessorize, accessorize accessorize!!!  The more we are able to mix and match what you bring to the shoot the more the images will take your breathe away!

This is all about you, and you shouldn’t feel bad about pampering yourself. A women will spend so much time taking care of the ones she loves, that you should not feel bad about enjoying your Most Beautiful Moment!!

Within two weeks of your photo shoot, you will be invited back to the studio for your “Reveal”, where you see your images for the first time already in beautiful mattes and ready for you to take home with you in a lovely Folio Box.  Talk about instant gratification!

This is not a boudoir session, so nudity is not typical in a Magazine Chic photo shoot.  If a high quality boudoir photo shoot is desired, that service is available upon request.  That said, we encourage outfits which will satisfy your fantasy.

These images may be used in social media and advertising, only with your permission of course! We know you will be proud of what we give you and you’ll want the world to see!

General FAQs

Of course! Here is a link to our Portrait Guide for Environmental Portraits.
A consultation is extremely important for all types of photo sessions.  This is where imagination begins and grows into creating your fantasy Photo Shoot.  It is a very important part of your experience!!  Here you will pick your location, colors, style and every other important feature of your Photo Shoot.

A Silvio Masterpiece will become an important part of you and your families history, and the range of your investment depends on what type of photo shoot you choose.

Price ranges for Magazine Chic are between 997-2,797 for Folio Boxes and wall Portraits from 247-1,697.  Environmental Family Portraits starting at 327 for Gift & Desk Portraits, Wall Portraits at 1,397 and Portrait Collections starting at 2,237 (including bonus savings).

Typically Environmental Portrait Sessions will be done on location.  We can travel to your home or meet at a location of your choosing.

A Magazine Chic Photo Shoot takes place indoors where we can control the environment and lighting and do any touch ups if needed.