Knock knock.  It’s Carol.  Can I come in?

Thanks!  Now can I scoot you off your chair? Let me have a seat at your infamous Big Mac with your three 32” screens in front of your face! Silvio needs lots of visual real estate, you see! Yes, Silvio, I could do this just as easily on my own Mac here in the office, or even on my laptop while I lounge in the gallery, but please go and do any one of a hundred amazing things you can do in the studio & let me borrow your desk for a while.Typewriter Photographer I feel like writing. And I feel like driving your Ferrari of a computer,  a.k.a. “Big Mac”.  It’s empowering!  So go do what you do best… be a Photographic Artist, and let me write!

Hi gang! As my “Our Team” bio on our website says, Silvio & I have had a photography adventure spanning 45 years. Whaaaaat? How can it possibly be that long?! Time flies when you’re having fun!

We had adventures both together and separately during that time, so there’s a lot of interesting stuff in our collective memory. We had our first studio together in Ohio for well over a decade, then we each had separate studios here in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Yes, it was a winding path with times together, times apart, but beginning & ending in a way that feels right & natural: back in the fabulous business of capturing memories in a photography studio. Apparently we are kindred spirits with a mutual love of photography.

The journey began in college…Reminiscent Photographer

Silvio taught me to use one of his Nikons and we both took pictures around campus, of concerts and sports, and of every day college life, both for the yearbook and the newspaper. Silvio was even the Photographic Editor of our college newspaper. Ahhh…Back in the day. Hey Silvio… I have one or two of the old college newspapers that my mom had saved. Remind me to dig them out and show them to you!

Working full time as the studio manager of Silvio’s Studio/Gallery in Ohio was one of the best times of my life. There was nothing we couldn’t do! I’ll share with you the interesting & challenging things about being in the photography business together, having a business that catered to the “carriage trade”, and many other meaningful, cool, educational or wacky experiences I had while working side by side with a true artist!!

At that chance luncheon over a year ago when he returned from Bali, I shared with him that I, too, was retired. When he me h to create wanted to get back into the business of creating beautiful photography again, he captured my imagination, as usual. I’m so happy he asked me to be part of the budding Silvio Portrait Art team! Sharing in this blog will be fun!

Most importantly, 45 years after the very beginning, Silvio’s photography still takes my breath away!