I feel like I had just pushed the big red EASY button from the office store, just to hear the mechanical man’s voice say yet again, “That was easy!”  I push it when I’m self-satisfied that some simple task is completed.  It might have taken me many decades of angst & joy & study & even more study, but at last I’m finally there, actually somewhat accomplished, and I actually know what THERE means.  I’m a photographic artist.  I can stop taking detours off my main trail, searching for what else I may or may not be, & I will spend my time continuing to improve my skills in a craft that I love.  I’ll create photography that will make everyone happy: me, the people around me, and the people in front of my lens.

No Slam Dunk After All!

I was elated about my soul-felt acknowledgement that I am photographic artist and that I could stop taking those pesky detours.  I was just so wrong to think that anything about my reemergence into the photography business was going to be easy.  No slam-dunks here and NOT easy!

I’d been out of the photography business and the Scottsdale limelight for 7 years.  I’m not independently wealthy so I do have to actually derive an income from making photographic art.  And I have to make art that I’m proud of or I won’t be able to even breathe, let alone live joyfully.  I also have to be sure that the people I’m making the art for are not only pleased, but are delighted enough that they want to own my art that I’ve created for them.  It’s the saddest part about being any sort of artist… that nagging detail that your art has to be desired by others because you can’t eat it and it alone can’t keep a roof over your head or keep the lights on.  RATS!  Big fat hairy rats!

I’d left the slow, idyllic lifestyle of Bali because I finally knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.  Knew for sure.  But here’s the thing: I love photography and every aspect of creating it.  And there so many styles and types and things and people out there to be photographed.  There are so many events and celebrations and meetings and milestones and every-day miraculous moments that need to be stopped in time by photographing them…. digitally now where it once was done with film.  But they must to be captured, nonetheless.  It’s my responsibility!

A Kid in a Candy Store of Photography!

So there I was, feeling like the proverbial kid in a candy store.  But that’s not entirely the panacea it’s made out to be.  In fact, it’s almost a cruel irony for a child to be allowed to have as much candy as they want.  A kid will likely grab everything in sight, as much & as fast as possible, with maybe just a little thought to which are their favorites.  It’s a rush for them at first, then some part of their brain thinks maybe they should stop… but it’s so darn good!!  By the time they get sick & “lose” everything they’ve eaten, it’s too late.  You’ve crashed & burned.  They’ve definitely taken on more than they can chew, so to speak. FrtSli

Ugh… poor kids.  If they had just been selective & shown a little control, they could have actually enjoyed their candy.  Now they likely can’t even think about candy without feeling a little bit queasy… at least for a little while.

I’m no kid, so you can be sure that I will be thinking very seriously about exactly what I want to do within the photography business, and who I want to have by my side.  What genres of photography make me the most happy?  Which do I do the best?  What makes me thrive?  What do I want at this juncture of my life?

I’m definitely in a candy story, and what a beautiful candy store this world is! But now I’m also blessed to not be an inexperienced kid anymore.  That alone is a huge transformation!

TRANSFORMATION … That’s a good concept with a positive connotation!

Let me give this some thought.  As I continue my own personal journey of improvement and of transformation, maybe as part of this new chapter in my life I can also somehow achieve something transformative for my clients.

I’ll keep that goal in mind!