I can’t imagine my life without the means and opportunity to take photographs. I don’t draw, sing, play a musical instrument or paint on canvas… but I can SEE. And I started to realize a long time ago that I can see things that many others just look at. I also feel something when I see. A camera allowed me to gather these visual & heartfelt things & translate them into something that others can see, also. Silvio_2905And they did see what I was trying to show them! What I saw made them feel & appreciate what I had captured with my camera. Huh … interesting! I guess I’m a photographer. So as a young man with a young wife, my career as a photographer began in Ohio.

I’ll save you the particulars of the next 4 decades. Suffice it to say that I happily walked, ran, and sometimes even skipped along the Photography Trail… mostly. I think all creative types struggle with a little ADD and from time to time they stray off the trail just a little. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

My Move to the Desert

After 15 successful years as a studio owner in Ohio, I moved to AZ & saw it as a creative opportunity to do that elusive “something else”. Guess what I found out after a couple of years? I am photographer. So for the next 15 years or so I happily operated my two studios in Scottsdale: the first in a retail location on Scottsdale Rd. and my second at my 2 acre residential studio & gardens at the corner of Scottsdale Rd. & E. Paradise Drive.

Detour to Bali

Oh-oh. Got that creative itch for change again. Another Oh-oh … I’m approaching that pesky age of six-zero, & social wisdom suggested to me it was time for retirement. Why not see the world on an extended basis? Sounds fun. Sounds like growth, like an adventure… just what I needed.  BaliExperience different parts of the world and go where my whim took me. So I changed my large residential studio into an assisted living center, which didn’t happen overnight & is a business in which I am still a partner. I traveled off & on & eventually went trotting off to live in Indonesia &, more specifically, to live in that paradise called Ubud, Bali that was calling my name. I’d stay until I felt like doing something else.0367_Bali_11-2013

Seven years passed in the hectivity we call retirement, and I found myself “Bored In Bali”. I should have written a book! But I had, once more, realized something that I swear I will never deny again: I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER! Better still, I AM A PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST!!! All my small side steps off the photography trail were just hairpin turns & temporary diversions. I am happy being a photographer. It moves me & I, in turn, am able to move others… and that makes me happy. I can take the beauty I see with my eyes & turn it into something others can see too, and that makes me happy. I’m connecting again with people who appreciate & value what I create… and that makes me…oh, you know the rest!!!

YAY!! I know who I am, what I am, & where I belong!

I’m happy to begin my last “new” photography adventure back in Scottsdale, where I am happy & at home.

So… my bags are unpacked. Where do I begin?