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Our promise to you…

When you decide to book a photo session with us, you’re making a decision to enjoy a truly amazing photographic experience! No matter what style photograph you’re looking for, from family portraits that will be passed down from generation to generation, or our Magazine Chic line that captures a woman’s true beauty, our studio’s decades worth of experience promises you will go home with Portraits you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Silvio Portrait Art Blond Girl

Fun and Relaxing

Whether it be a family portrait session, magazine chic photo shoot, or some beautiful B&W fine art, any time you step in front of a lens at Silvio Portrait Art you will be in a fun, relaxing environment making everyone involved comfortable!  We make sure your every need is taken care of so you can concentrate on you!
Silvio Portrait Art Woman in Hat
Charity and Giving Back

We take giving back to the community very seriously here at Silvio Portrait Art.  We are Proud to say that we have helped raise in excess of $30,000 to support charities and worthy causes ranging from Alzheimers research to protecting domestic abuse victims and ending domestic violence. Armed with the skills of a Master Photographer, nothing is more rewarding to us than knowing we are helping to make the world a better place.

Silvio Portrait Art Happy Couple

The precision craftsmanship of an award-winning Master Photographer, combined with a profound interest in creating a portrait which makes an expression of your character and personality, has propelled Silvio’s photographic portraiture into a fine art form.  Our images are retouched with the finest art work, framed professionally, and together with an amazing photography experience and friendly staff we create your images to the highest standards.

Silvio Portrait Art Family
Capturing Today
At Silvio Portrait Art, we believe that families matter.  Life is short; your family’s story passes quickly.  Children grow up and leave, parents grow old and the “yesterdays” feel so far away. You blink and they’re gone. The blessings in life are too easily forgotten. Our delight is found in helping clients see and remember the blessings: the beauty and charm, joy and laughter, love and grace. We create living art of your family, we create family heirlooms.
Silvio Portrait Art Black & White Woman


  • Kristina Vossler, Phoenix, AZ

    “I wanted to thank you for your generous donations to our event!  Both certificates sold and it helped us raise funds to support our life saving programs and services.”

  • Jamie R. Hormel, Paradise Valley, AZ

    "We are so thrilled with the work you have done for our family.  These masterpieces you have created are the most treasured items we have in our home, and we show them off to everyone who come through our door.
    Our whole experience was wonderful and comfortable and getting to know you was definitely a treat.
    I am eager for you to come over and see how fabulous your work looks on our walls and to be able to go through the family book you created for us, with you."

  • John R. Hill, Sylvania, OH

    “During our initial meeting we were impressed with your planning process. You really made us think about how to distribute different size pieces to family and friends so we could afford to spread the joy. It still came to a significant sum for a young couple, but your gentle reminder that art was timeless helped us justify the investment.
    Today, many of those photographs still hang in places of honor in the homes of our family and friends. The investment that looked so large then has paid off many times over and we never regretted our decision. Money comes and money goes but objects of art live forever.
    Silvio, your art is timeless and we are happy and honored to be your patrons.”

  • Pam & Bill Gates, Scottsdale, AZ

    “You patiently sat with us creating a plan. When we sat and saw the pictures for the first time, I turned to Bill as you clicked through the portraits and saw a tear slowly work its way down his face.”

  • Kay Bradford, Stevenson Ranch, CA & Scottsdale, AZ

    “As a photographer myself, I am amazed at the endless variety of ideas Silvio has when capturing his subjects.  His intuition and experience produce incredible insights into their personalities in a way I have seen with no other.  It’s not something I can explain, but you’ll definitely know it when you see it!”

  • Donna Hill, Sylvania, OH

    “Thirty-Seven years ago today our first child was born. Justin was a happy, healthy boy and the first Grandchild of his generation in the family. Everyone was so happy and proud, all we could think of was how we could share our blessing.
    Fortunately for us, your reputation preceded you. We knew your reputation as a Master Photographer and we had seen a lot of your work hanging in prestigious places both private and public. We were fascinated by the way you painted your subjects with light and produced your shoots with simple, yet elegant settings.”

  • Marcy Strand, Scottsdale, AZ

    “I’m so grateful for the wealth of images Silvio created.  I see how the time has flown and I wish I had all my portraits done from day one… As I look at these portraits I am speechless and grateful!  Thank you!  My heart is crying happy tears!”

  • Courtney McAllister, Xavier College Prep

    “… awesome!  I felt very comfortable with my own music playing.  I was able to enjoy myself.  It looked like me… nothing “fake” about it.”

  • Justin Abati, Phoenix Country Day

    “He captured every aspect of my personality.  Some of the most fun I've had in a long time.  My portraits are ME and all about me!”

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